“Checked my Palm Pilot…looks like I ain’t doing shyt…Time to Do Nik ! Whoop Whoop !

Happy Nik Day
I’m Nikki McGregory

I’m a Virginia-based Travel Event Specialist, Owner of an award-winning Travel Agency, Nik of Time Travel , who checks her Palm Pilot and if it looks like I’m not doing shyt, then I’m doing Nik.
The world is so beautiful and exciting and I want to see it all. I want to Niksperience and share the diverse culture, lifestyle, people, and food with my Time Travelers.
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For samples of my work, please check out my portfolio and blog. And if you’re a brand looking to collaborate, download my media kit and let’s get the ball rolling. Until then, when you are ready to book, you know where to look ! Whoop Whoop !