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My Snow Mass Niksperience

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-Always try to remain calm in any situation.
– Be nice to hotel staff and then things get done
-keep your charging brick and cord with you.

My friends and I were going to the top of Snowmass Mountain for a few minutes to take pictures before I headed to the airport. Welp…we got stuck in the Gondola for about 30-40 mins. Can you imagine being stuck in the air in a little box and you have no way to get out. So we are just sitting there, waiting on somebody to say something on the intercom. Meanwhile I’m looking out the window to see how far I’d have jump down and probably slide down this whole mountain. This dude was about to hyperventilate which would have set off a chain reactions of panic attacks. So, I look up the phone number and call customer service. “Oh, we had to stop because of the wind “…well yall aren’t gonna say anything over the intercom…”no, cause its not an emergency”…da fuq? So we are just sitting there swaying in the wind, ppl beneath us justa skiing. Not paying us any attention. When I tell you, when that thang started to move…Haven’t felt that relieved in a long time.

So we finally get to the top. They give us $25.00 gift cards…apparently this is a usual occurrence since you have the gift cards already printed. So I’m like ok, I know I’ve missed my flight. Let me make some arrangements. I’m holding a table for my friends cause its super crowded while they get their food. Just making conversation with the guy sitting at the end of the table since it held 8. Told him my plight. He was like…”oh, you should be able to make your flight”. So I run and tell my friends I gotta go.

Phone was at 100% when I left the hotel but I have since learned that in the mountains and high altitudes your charge goes down really fast. Phone was on like 20% Get back on this Gondola, that I JUST got off of cause the only other way down is to ski. Call my hotel. “Happy Nik Day, Ben, can you have my luggage delivered to the airport. Got stuck in a Gondola and I’m about to miss my flight” “No, problem Mrs. Nikki, just let us know when you are on your way to the airport” (Talkm bout service)

Order an Uber…phone is on 15%.

Get to the bottom…I realize…I have left my freaking purse in my friend’s hotel room. And where is she? At the top of Snowmass Mountain where I just left! So I try to call her but she isn’t picking up. So I get BACK on the Gondola. Cancel my Uber, Call Ben at the hotel while simultaneously chatting with AA. …I’m not gonna make my flight. See if I can get a room for the night.
AA- “My phone is on 5%…Im giving you permission to change my flight until tomorrow. Same flights”

PHONE DIED MID AIR. So I’m in this box…by myself with no comms.

Get to the top…inside the Snowmass Mountain Clubhouse there is no reception that’s why she didn’t answer the phone. And guess what, they are all Apple users…so they had bricks but no cords. So had to rent a charger. Which further let’s me know that it is common place for the charges to run out quickly. That was an ordeal in itself. A whole process. Finally get a charge.

Called the hotel. “Yes, Mrs. Nikki. We have you a room for the night at your current rate. There will be transportation to pick you up at in 30 mins to bring you back to the hotel” …so got BACK on the Gondola.

Check the AA Chat- Flights had been changed and because of my status, didn’t have to pay a fare difference.

I’m moreso proud of my GROWTH. Cause usually I would freak out in these situations. But I held it together.

Extra night in Aspen. Who can be mad at that!

Whoop Whoop! 

— in Snowmass Village, CO.